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Technology is No Substitute!

Link to: 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

One thing that worries me as an educational technologist is educators or schools using technology just for the sake of saying that they are using technology.  That while trying to keep up with the Joneses schools purchase more technology and cut out important educational experiences such as art, music, career and technical education, physical education, etc.  Of course technology can be used to enhance these subject areas but it should not replace them.

Viewing the linked gallery above I couldn’t help but wonder how much physical art will exist in 50-100 years.  Will all art be viewed on a screen?  I hope not!  While I feel blessed that I am able to access these art works via the Internet and technology a computer rendering of these same images would not be the same.

I hope schools around the world continue to allow children to get their hands dirty while playing with clay.  That we allow students to work with lumber and small engines in shop classes, and we continue to be blessed by amazing musicians playing physical instruments.

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